- How to install -

1. Download the zip-files
2. Unzip and open the setup.exe file (If you do not have a program to unzip with, you can download the Jzip program at www.jzip.com
3. Install (Please do not change the directory given by the installer.)
4. Open the game and have fun.
Note: There should be a new shortcut shown for you when the installation is complete.

- SpaceWipe Games Downloader -

The following files need internet access so be sure to let them through your firewall.
1. SpaceWipe Downloader.exe
2. Updater.exe (Update service to SpaceWipe Downloader)
3. MadCowBalls.exe (The game need to download the high score)
4. mcbhsupdater.exe (Uploading high score to online server)
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