- SpaceWipe3 -

Rockets at night time!
This is a platform shooter game for PC from SpaceWipe Games and created by Martin Eriksson. Search the worlds for the lost disks and shoot all robots that gets in the way! The worlds have a lots of secrets and power ups!

SpaceWipe can also pick up animals and items and use them for several things like living shields, build staircases, block robots and repairing levers.

The animals will breed if you leave them alone together. This will get you "Animal friend" score and can unlock a special ability. There are five unlockable abilities like this.

The day will shift to night after a while. Take care while moving at night!

How to play:
Move: Arrows and Space.(double tap to fly!)
Shoot: V. (press and hold to charge up the weapon for a big blast!)
Change weapon: C
Special sight: X. (Spacewipe cannot move while using the sight)
Pick up/Grip arm: Z
Exit the level or game: ESC

Extras: One survival level that never ends! Complete the game to unlock the survival level and try to stay alive as long as you can.
Download (51.7MB) Torrent file (51.7MB)

- Mad Cow Balls -

Mad Cow Balls v1.8

This is a Breakout/DX-Ball clone with a little bit and of humor lots of features. While playing the game and levels several times you gain new bonuses. There are also hidden minigames within the game to discover and a level editor.

Some of the features include:
Online and offline high score Update/patch service Level editor 3 different minigames Automatic saving of progress Unlockable bonuses
Online or offline high score Changeable game speed Reset all unlocked bonuses Particles On/Off Music On/Off
Created by: Martin Eriksson (mES) Artwork: Lisa Eriksson (Wolfie) Music: Trance Zonic Vibes
Download (31,3MB) Torrent file (31,7MB)

- Zenon Traveler -

SpaceWipe Games Zenon Traveler from 2002. The original file was lost before the game was finished so there is no way to complete the game.There are two wolds with two levels each. Each world has its own music created. You can play this game with your friend co-op and it autosaves after each level that is completed. Download (104MB)

- SpaceWipe2 -

This game was created 2001 and was never realy finished but it is playable. Download (5,74MB)

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