SpaceWipe3! Download (51.7MB)

- 2014 -

- 2014-02-19 -

SpaceWipe3 is released! This is a 2D platform shooter just like SpaceWipe2 but with a lot of more features. Download the game and play the first two levels. If you want to play them all you can buy the game for only 1 US dollar! The game will also be showed live at Nordic Fuzcon Stockholm Sweden 27 february.

- 2013 -

- 2013-07-08 -

Mad Cow Balls Update v1.8!
New: The graphics engine was updated to Direct X 9! The game runs much faster now.
New: Press Delete to get more balls. This can be used to end the game fast or just for fun.
New: A new minigame was added (SpaceWipe3).

- 2013-07-02 -

There was a blackout 30min in Härnösand where our servers are located. At this moment the upload speed is slow due to technical problems at the internet provider.

- 2013-05-16 -

SpaceWipe3 beta is released. Download and give us feedback. What changes would you like us to make? SpaceWipe3 beta Download (26.6MB)

- 2013-02-22 -

Update v1.7!
New: The loading screen have been redone
Fix: The High Score is now easier to understand.

- 2013-02-03 -

Update v1.6.1!
New: Facebook and Twitter links

- 2013-02-01 -

Update v1.6!
New: Difficulty settings!
New: Easy: Only basic bonuses, ball start speed 10, max speed 50.
New: Normal: Ball start speed 20, max speed 80.
New: Hard: Ball start speed 30, max speed 100.
New: Very Hard: Ball start speed 40, max speed 100. Ball +5 speed every 13sec.
Fix: Fixed some bugs that could make it impossible to complete a level.

- 2013-01-12 -

Update v1.5!
New: Offline/Online mode.
New: Download and start SpaceWipe Games Downloader inside the game.
New: Knights of NI! says...
Fix: Help texts in the menu.
Fix: There are now 20 object creators in the level editor and its much easier to find the editor itself.

- 2013-01-06 -

Minor update v1.4.1. Disabled high score download at the start of the game and added a new feature. The new feature will make the game more interesting when there are less then 5 cities(lifes) left. There is also a level editor hidden if you press "e" in the menu. The level editor is not nearly done but you can still try some of it.

- 2013-01-06 -

SpaceWipe Downloader with Mad Cow Balls is now available as torrent-file. Download and seed at Mininova

- 2012 -

- 2012-12-24 -

Update v1.4.
New: Gravity Ball now does what it should do. It is moving things around!
fix: Play menu shows permanent bonuses like craft speed bonus(You no longer need to go to the option menu to look at this).
fix: Play menu shows current ball power up.
Fix: High score uploader does it thing faster.

- 2012-12-24 -

Happy holidays! Mad Cow Balls Xmas edition (v1.3) is out. This is a limited edition that will be available until 2013-01-01. Download and play it now the get the xmas tree levels and more.

- 2012-12-20 -

Mad Cow Balls is now updated to v1.2. Start the SpaceWipe Downloader to download or if you have not tried it yet, download from Download (30,1MB).
New: It is now possible to control where the ball will go. (up, up left or up right). The edges is still the same so it can be used for normal bounce.
New: Many balls and/or balls at max speed will give you extra points!
New: War of the ants now has a time limit at 2min and startpoint will depend on how many times the game have been run (Mad COw Balls). So only the experienced user will play the long version.
Fix: When music is set off the menu music would keep playing. This problem is no more.
Fix: High Score name is not set loop can now be exited by using Esc to exit the game and reset variables.

- 2012-12-07 -

Mad Cow Balls v1.1 is released! A lot of work almost got lost in a HDD crash (close one!) The update contains 3 small minigames, online high score, several power ups, new levels, more options in the options menu and some help tip. Next on my "to do list" is to update the website with more info and functions and to make some videos for Youtube.

- 2012-10-13 -

The ftp is working! And so is also SpaceWipe Downloader. Ftp download: Username: download

- 2012-10-12 -

There still is some problem with the ftp. When the ftp doesnt work the SpaceWipe Downloader crashes when trying to connect to the ftp. We are sorry for this and will make an update when the problem is solved!

- 2012-10-12 -

The first realy new release is here. SpaceWipe Downloader v1.0 and Mad Cow Balls v1.0. The downloader will update itself whenever a newer version is available. It Will also update the games and download new ones. The old games like SpaceWipe2 and Zenon Traveler is not supported. SpaceWipe Downloader Download (1,09 MB)

- 2012-09-24 -

Two more videos are done. Both videos shows Zenon Traveler.

- 2012-09-24 -

CopyPaste have been updated to v1.1. Bug fixes: Sound effects option changed by itself. New features: Trial Period has been addad (365days). This is only for protection and it will be changed later. Changed the controls scroll CTRL to SHIFT and Copy macro F2 to Tab.

- 2012-09-22 -

A new small application called CopyPaste is ready for download.

- 2012-09-22 -

A new (old) game called Zenon Traveler is ready for download.

- 2012-09-21 -

There is now a video of SpaceWipe 2 on Youtube. When we are getting closer to the launch there will also be one or two clips from Mad Cow Balls.

- 2012-09-20 -

We do need your input. Do you have any suggestions for a simple game? Send an e-mail to

- 2012-09-16 -

The building of the site has started! We are making some progress...well, Martin is. Wolfie just runs around and draws on things while babbeling on about new ideas =^.^=

- Beginning -

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